Tagging and republishing

I just zapped a bunch of tags on this blog. Apologies if this messed up your rss feeds. There were just too many tags! Some tags were created for one post, in hope of writing more about the topic in the future, while others were repetitions of already existing tags.

I talked about my tagging philosophy before, which developed as a commentary to Karl’s Karl’s tagging philosophy in turn. Some tags now have a plural form, in contradiction to what I said before, more in line with what Karl says. Rules are meant to be broken and all of that.

Some examples:

org-mode is now part of the Emacs tag, my biggest category by a large margin, which is not surprising considering how much I talk about org-mode and Emacs on this blog. org-mode as a category made more sense when I started out, it was my gateway to learn more about Emacs. These days, most of what I do in org-mode also involves some Emacs research, so it makes sense this is one category now.

Certain life aspects, such as “reading” or “music” collapsed into just “life” because I don’t have enough posts about books or music. I know I should. At some point I might. At the same time, “photography” is a topic I wrote about just enough to justify its own tag.

macOS, Windows, Linux and scripting are now under “operations.” I’m not sure that I like this one, but it’s better than something like “OSs” and it captures (though vaguely) what all of those have in common.

There are now 10 tags in total, which is a number I’m happy with. This is one of the first steps I’m taking toward transforming this blog into a “digital garden.”