Writing Modes

After working on my wiki for a couple of weeks straight, I’m starting to calm down a bit. I’m thinking of what I write, and where.

Since the wiki is organized by categories, it’s easy to start topics without committing to a whole body of text. Say I want to write about a video game I just finished. I could create a “Video Games” topic and under it, another article: “Doom.” “Video Games” remain blank, a placeholder until a point in the future when I have more to expand on.

While this is doable on most blogs (this one included), the idea of going back to a post feels a bit out of place, since the blogs are chronological.

On the other hand, writing in the blog is more personal. It’s org-mode, which I also use to write my journal. Emacs just feels personal. It’s a superior writing environment that lets me spill my thought on the screen without getting distracted. Writing in a blog just feels more like a narrative unfolding, more of the why and not just the how. It’s not a coincidence this blog is called what it’s called; I always reserved a sense of irony in what I write.

Writing has become a part of my identity. I spend hours in front of Emacs each day writing what I do and organizing my day. By extension, having a blog lets me extend this identity further: I am more me because I blog.

Just thought I’d share.