TAONAW's First Photography Video

There are currently three unfinished drafts in TAONAW’s main org file1. It seems as if the pandemic2 and social-distancing dried out my ideas and ability to express myself. On Tuesday I took a walk into the park and captured some flowers and birds with my camera. As it turned out, the walk outdoors recharged my batteries. I came back home and sat down to finally record my first video about photography. Here are the details about how I did it and why.

Blog Update 2020-02

I ironed out a couple of CSS issues that popped up since I updated Hugo and implemented a few navigation and new page. Why and how… Coming up.

About Ease of Use vs Indepence

It seems like hating on Google (or Apple, or Amazon, or whatever tech giant) is the hip thing to do these days. I want to raise a couple of points to argue otherwise, and explain how I try to find balance in a monopoly-driven world.

Best Tools for the job: Duplicati

One of the things I’ve kept postponing since switching to Linux on my desktop has been my backup system. I wrote a script on my raspberry pi to create an encrypted tar achieves of my org files twice a day transfer them over to Hedwig (my desktop), which will then find their way into an online backup provider. Now that I switched to Linux, that system stopped working, and I’ve kept postponing the critical need for an online backup too long.

The Tempting Cloud

Last year, I took a walk down the road toward online anonymity. This is Sisiphus-ic task, one without a clear ending in sight. One of the things I’ve started doing is to migrate some my less private-needy data into my work iPhone1, which in turn means using Microsoft’s onedrive and Office. I was reminded why the life in the clouds can be so nice.

The joy of Taking Photos

I’ve been enjoying taking photos since October and decided to start recording videos, expanding the way I publish content. As it turns out, recording, editing, and storing videos is not as simple as I thought. The outcome has been holding back on discussing one of my biggest passions these days. I want to change that today.

How I Tackle Projects With org-mode

Over the time I’ve been using org-mode, a natural process of project management has emerged. For the first time in my adult life, I haven’t felt the need to switch systems of productivity. I even enjoy looking at my projects nowadays, a list of organized notes, tasks, and information. I’ve discussed projects here before, but not in this detail. I hope this would be beneficial to others, especially those new to org-mode.

Lessons from a Huge Project at Work

There’s probably an unwritten rule (and if not, there should be) that the amount of documents needed for a project is roughly equivalent to half the number of people working on the project. Our department alone is about 20 folks, and for a recent big project we need to work with other divisions, so at this point I can’t even tell you how many documents we need to keep track of.

Usually, I use org-mode for everything. But this time I was foolish enough not to…