General Update

I have a habit chaining in org-mode for this blog which shows me I’m passed due on updating. 4 days, to be exact. I’m rushing to update with this little post as I’m sitting here gulping coffee in my boxers before a shower I need to take… so bear with me.

The Long Goodbye to Windows

The idea of switching “Completely” Linux has been in my head since I wrote about having too many notifications thrown at me whenever I log into Windows…

Wait. Isn’t this entire blog written from Linux? Haven’t I already switched to work from Linux? Almost 100% of the posts here concern Emacs, org-mode and Linux. “What do you mean”, you’d ask me, “switch completely? Haven’t you already?” Yes. Kind of. Not really.

Let me back off a second, and tell you about Hedwig.

Happpy Thanksgiving

My family and I (those of us in the US, that is) have a micro version of Thanksgiving. There’s no Turkey (we’re not exactly big on meat), there are no large family encounters that break into their homogeneous splinters as time progresses. I usually bring my one partner with me over to my sister’s, where we thaw our awkwardness next to the fireplace and watch my little niece run around like a leg-seeking missile, homing to the nearest standing person.

A new Camera Instead of Pixel4

When Google was about to officially announce the new Pixel4, I was excited about getting a new phone with an improved camera and enhanced night vision. However, not even a week later, I ended up with a digital camera instead. A few weeks later with my camera, I am happy with my purchase and the new things it brought into my life.

Too Many Notifications

The fan noise that came from my Windows machine finally got on my nerves, so I turned off my PC. I turned it on the next day, not thinking much about anything, my coffee at hand. As soon as I logged in I was greeted with windows opening on me notifying me on updates, of new games sales, of emails… “click me! No! Click me!” Yeeeesh. I put my coffee down and shut down my Windows PC off again. How did I get to this point again?

Blog Updates Posts

As I wrote the October Updates post, I came to realize that having a “what’s new” kind of post regularly is a good idea. Usually, updating one thing causes me to want another change or to break something that worked. These are learning experiences that I believe could be beneficial other bloggers out there (I know they are to me). For those interested, here are some of my thoughts on that.

Tools in Windows

My first public video introduced me to new challanges I didn’t face until now. Case in point: displaying milliseconds in VLC. I looked online in various places for a solution with my tools of choice, VLC player and ffmpeg. Workarounds do exist, but not nearly as simple as what exists for me in Windows. This happened to me before. As I was starting to get stuck, I realized that sometimes it’s ok not to wrack my head over every single hurdle. This is a reminder for myself, and hopefully save you some time to.

Scripting in Bash 102

This is my first attempt at explaining a full (though simple) script I wrote. I always say I’m no programmer (or scripter). Despite that, I somehow ended up creating a couple of useful scripts on my Linux machine.

My elementary scripts are work in progress. I keep tweaking them as I learn and create new ones. I’d love to hear from experienced scripters just as I’d love to hear from those of you who never opened Nano before. Feedback is always welcome.

Of Journaling

I’ve kept a journal (though infrequently) since my early 20s. A thick notebook with a table of contents on its first two pages made of a long list of dates. At the time, life was too chaotic to keep the habit uninterrupted. I’m not sure at what point I converted to digital form, but I flirted with digital journaling for years before it became my primary method of keeping a journal…