Singal vs WhatsApp

I had this post laying around for a bit, and I wasn’t sure if I want to share it. To be honest, I don’t like it. It sounds like I’m giving up, or as if I’m writing out of desperation. Still, I think what’s expressed here is important to discuss, even if all there is at the end is “so now what?”

Of Tags and Categories

Tags. For as long as I used them on this blog (and the ones before, for that matter), they just seem to come naturally. I thought it was time to do some tag cleaning on my blog, and got sucked into Wikipedia. Here are some of the things I’ve learned.

Just Writing

It’s another gray day outside. I’m home today, trying to be productive, but my brain refuses to get into gear. It’s a feeling I’m familiar with; sometimes the “fog” can get worse. Today is not one of the more intense days, so I’m grateful for that.

Punching in/out the org-mode way

One of org-mode’s features I started to use more frequently is the clocking of tasks. “Punching the clock” for each task I do was tedious at start, but with time it became a habit. This is a small addition to my workflow, but it comes with significant advantages.

The Colors of New Mexico

I returned from a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I miss it already. My mind is still running a mental rsync against the usual daily grind, and as rsync goes with large portions of data, this can take a while. One of the things I can bring up already though is the color theme in New Mexico, which was everywhere we went. It seems to convey the colors of the desert: sand to clay browns and yellows, green-gray for the cactus, the turquoise for the sky and water.

Learning Emacs Lisp

After using super-links for almost a year, custom IDs and backlinks became an inseparable part of my workflow. It’s the only part I’ve adopted from the whole Zettelkasten/org-roam craze. Org-mode’s built-in custom IDs don’t make sense, so I decided to create better custom IDs and teach myself some Emacs-lisp in the process.

Capturing Doctor Visits & Sickdays

At work, We need to fill up a timesheet every month. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, this is usually a spreadsheet with a column for each month of the year and cells for the days of each month. You fill in the code (V for vacation, S for a sickday, etc.) The spots you took off from work. There might be a few more variations of these, but this is the general idea.

Mastodon of Belonging

A typical Saturday morning. I open my eyes, carefully, because they’re dry. I need to use drops. That gets me to sit up, which means I can reach for my phone and check what’s new.