There's Something About Rimworld

I bought Rimworld and played it briefly in January of last year before I put it down. The game has a steep learning curve, and the graphics were too basic to my taste at the time. Thankfully, I gave it another try a few weeks ago.

Harmony of Tea and Coffee

I’ve been dividing my day into two parts recently: coffee AM and tea PM. Both have been giving me happiness recently, especially as the days get shorter and gray.

Higher Education Doubts

I’m fortunate to work for a university that offers its employees a substantial discount should they choose to earn a degree. I’ve been fighting my stubbornness to stay away from class and find a reason to enroll for the last couple of months. I haven’t yet.

Emacs on macOS, Part 2

The next issue I ran into was more complex. After fixing the packages, I wanted to browse my home folder on the Mac with Dired. I got an error that stated: "Listing directory failed but 'access-file' worked". Huh? What’s that about?

Emacs on macOS, Part 1

If it wasn’t for Emacs and other Linux tricks I’ve learned, I’d be happy with my office Mac. But That’s not how I do things. As it turns out, the transition from Linux to macOS wasn’t as smooth as I thought. I have a lot of troubleshooting to cover, and I hope to do so in a couple of parts. Here’s the first part of my recent adventures.