Quick Updates: June

Even though I don’t have any means of tracking how many readers I have on this blog, I can’t help but feel a little bit responsible for my audience. This is an attempt to see how a quick “here’s what’s up” post while the blog is otherwise idle.

So, a few quick updates about what’s coming up:

I discovered I can use .org files as templates for capture. This opens the possibilities to create highly complex templates, like checklists with several headers, accessible from capture. It took me a year(!) to finally figure out even though it’s dead simple. I want to discuss why this took so long, and how Org-manual could use more visual examples. I also want to discuss how I use these checklists at work, and why they’re useful.

As a result of the above, I am also changing my workflow in org-mode, or precisely, how I’m using my files. I’ve decided to scale back from my multi-file approach and use only two or three major files, and I’m in the process of testing this.

Mike Elgan writes about Google products that should be merged, and it made me remember how I used to have the same issues until I switched over to Linux and Emacs. People who use Linux have it better in terms of productivity. I want to discuss why.