Of Grep and Finding Stuff

I can make a safe assumption that 90% of the people reading this blog know how to use grep, at least on a basic level. But what about those of us who don’t? Here’s a quick look into grep and grep in Emacs specifically. Before we dive in there’s a bit of a realization I want to expend on in the footnotes though1.

M-x Birthday

Yesterday was my Emacs anniversary. I only know that because Google Photos showed me the first picture of my journal in org-mode working exactly 4 years ago. I made this day official now. A day to be celebrated.

Checking out SiriusXM

We were listening to SiriusXM (SXM) on a ride back home last weekend. I was wondering about SXM as an alternative music/news source, and after I realized their plan is only $7 a month, I signed up for a free month trial.

Learning From Anger

There’s plenty to be angry about. As if there isn’t enough with what’s going on recently, there was plenty happening on a personal scale in the last week. This time, I want to talk about being angry.

Another look at my Journal Capture Templates

More than anything else in my Emacs settings, my org-mode capture templates evolve with my understanding of Emacs, as I learn to do more wonderful things I didn’t know existed. Since I’ve been discussing my writing recently, it’s a good time I want to talk about the journal-related those, where all my writings begins.