About Taking Notes and a Good Tool for Visuals

The biggest tip IT tip I believe I gave anyone is “take your own notes”. Never, under no circumstances, let anyone - not your coworkers, not your boss, not your mom - no one, touch your notes. Needless to say, org-mode tripled the importance of this tip, and my notes have long grown to wikis: one for work, one for personal matters.

Back to Linux (Mint) From Windows

I started writing this post thinking about switching to Linux natively again. As I’m finishing writing, I’m five days using Linux Mint exclusively. I am happy with it. This post is a bit confusing, as I was writing it in parts throughout the experience

more org improvements

I haven’t updated my org-mode system for a while. It’s been working great and I couldn’t come up with further improvements, at least that’s what I thought. Earlier this week though, I gave the org-mode manual another read and found a few additional gems that I’ve quickly added to my workflow.

Let me Tell You About Assassin's Creed Odyssey

I haven’t written about a video game here in a while, and I’m not sure why. I still spend a lot of time in video games, some are worthy of mentioning. This time I want to talk about how Assassin’s Creed surprised me in a good way and why I think this game is worth playing.

Keeping the Focus

Reading information in Linux is a pleasure. There are no distractions. No auto-play videos, no splash pages begging me to click banners, no Chrome browser to take forever to load. With time, as I transitions to use Hugo and Org-mode to create my blog, writing has become a pleasure too. I didn’t achieve this distraction-free environment in one day, many changes slowly “grew” on their on. If you’re guessing Emacs has something to do with this, you’re totally right.