Writing on a Daily Basis

I worked out a way to write blog posts almost every day. At this point, I have more posts on the blog each month than I did before. I’m going to share what I do, but know this: it involves a lot of writing.

Grammar check in Emacs

For the longest time, I wanted to have grammar check inside Emacs. I finally figured out how to use Emacs-langtool. It’s pretty easy to set up; It’s just that finding basic instructions is hard to find.

Of SSH, HTTPS, and GitLab

Pushing to GitLab with my SSH key stopped working a couple of months ago. Every now and then I tried to do a bit of troubleshooting but I didn’t manage to solve the problem… until today.

Of Narrowing Subtrees and Focus

On my TODO list yesterday, I had “C-z > narrow subtree.” Translation: Make C-z, which minimizes Emacs (which I only press by mistake and curse when I do), to narrow to the subtree I’m on instead. What is narrow to subtree, and why should you care?

Blogging from a Cafe

I keep trying to write shorter posts more often, and I keep failing. When I sit down to write, I think I have a few paragraphs ahead of me at most, but an hour later I have a whole article completed with referencing links and footnotes that I had to continue the next day.

shutting down comments

I’m disabling comments on this blog and will add a brief contact blurb at the end of each post instead. Why and how come? I’ll tell you about Commento and why disabling comments on this blog seems like a good idea.